Marquee to bring back ‘Dayclub Dome’ for 2023-2024 Winter season

Marquee Dayclub at The Cosmopolitan has announced plans to resurrect its iconic “Marquee Dayclub Dome” to keep the daytime pool parties going throughout the 2023-2024 Fall and Winter seasons.

Vegas pool party season typically ends by mid-to-late October when cooler weather arrives, but the 23,000-square-foot orb placed on top of the rooftop dayclub will ensure that summer never ends at Marquee.

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The dome — last erected in 2017 — rises over 50 feet tall and covers the full pool deck to provide shelter from precipitation and desert winds. Large heaters will maintain an air temperature of 85 degrees and water temperature of 90 degrees throughout the colder seasons.

Marquee Dayclub Dome’s opening date, hours of operation, and DJ event calendar will be announced in the coming weeks.

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