Dash Berlin’s Jeffrey Sutorius kicks off Marquee 2019 residency this Saturday

Jeffrey Sutorius, former frontman for Dutch group Dash Berlin, will return to Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan to kick off his 2019 residency this Sat., Dec. 8.

Sutorius will perform under his own name moving forward after announcing earlier this year that he’d parted ways with Dash Berlin due to mismanagement of bookings and money.

Unbeknown to some fans, Dash Berlin was actually a trio of DJs and producers including Eelke Sebastiaan Molijn and Sebastiaan Moljin. Sutorius kept up an aggressive tour schedule while the others focused on production.

Sat., Dec. 8 – Jeffrey Sutorius @ Marquee Nightclub
Sat., Jan. 12 – Jeffrey Sutorius @ Marquee Nightclub
Sat., Jan. 14 – Jeffrey Sutorius @ Marquee Nightclub

Sutorius’s rights to the Dash Berlin name are currently being battled in court.

“I am determined to continue my journey on my own as Jeffrey Sutorius,” he said in a statement made to DJ Mag. “After all, that is who I am, and who I always will be. I miss my fans, and I want to return to the stage,”

“The court said that we have to fight out who can use the Dash Berlin name in further proceedings, so using my own name was my only option basically. On the other hand, all the fans are behind me being Dash Berlin. I find this is something worth fighting for. I will continue this as long as I possibly can to maybe, eventually claim the stage again as Dash Berlin.”

Jeffrey Sutorius also has upcoming Marquee dates on Jan. 12 and Jan. 14.


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