Insomniac curates new cannabis brand, offers heavily discounted EDC 2021 packages

Insomniac Events CEO Pasquale Rotella has announced the launch of RNBW, a new festival-culture-focused cannabis brand.

“[I’m] proud to be launching RNBW as the official flower of EDC and EDC Week,” said Rotella in an Instagram post.

“RNBW is now available at select stores and eventually will be available at Insomniac festivals!”

Rainbows have been an iconic part of the Insomniac brand for years, both in imagery and the naming of areas within its festivals like EDC’s “Rainbow Road” seen below. (Fun fact: Rotella’s daughter is also named Rainbow.)

To celebrate the RNBW launch, special ticket bundles are being offered until Thurs., Oct. 21 that include heavily discounted passes to EDC Las Vegas 2021.

Packages start as low as $150 that include two eights of flower and a general admission EDC ticket (an EDC pass alone is priced at $470 with fees).

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The EDC 2021 “Feel Reel” ticket and cannabis combos can be purchased online for delivery via Amuse and in person at the following retailers in California and Nevada: Cookies, Stiiizy, Harborside, Jardín, Thrive, Planet 13, and Sixty Four & Hope.

RNBW sells flower, pre-rolls, edibles, and vape products under names like Night Owl, Party Crasher, Spread Love, Fluffy Pillows, and more.

At the moment, cannabis products are still prohibited inside EDC Las Vegas.

But now that weed consumption lounges are legal in Nevada and California, Rotella is planning to “soon” be able to officially (legally) integrate weed and live music experiences. No specific timeline has been mentioned as to when that may be possible, but the RNBW website promotes Insomniac’s Escape, Dreamstate, and Countdown festivals in Southern Calif., which suggests it could happen as soon as the end of this month.

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Photos courtesy Insomniac Events.


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