Excessive heat warning issued for EDC weekend

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning, effective today through Monday night for the entire Las Vegas area.

Temperatures during Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) weekend will exceed 110 degrees during the day and only dropping just slightly below 90 at night. That’s about 10 degrees above the normal temperature for this time of year.

An excessive heat warning is issued when temperatures are forecast to reach dangerous levels that will stress the body if precautions are not taken. These temperatures can be particularly rough for those who aren’t acclimated to the dry desert environment.

Here’s what you can do to best cope with the heat:

1. Drink more water than usual. Then drink even more. This seems like a no-brainer but most don’t drink enough water on a regular basis, let alone when weather conditions are this extreme. Remember thirst is the equivalent of your vehicle’s “check engine” light, which means you’re already exhibiting signs of dehydration. Start hydrating at least a day in advance to properly prepare. Once at EDC, utilize the free water stations located around the venue and continue to drink water often.

2. Avoid dehydrating beverages containing alcohol and caffeine. If you do choose to drink these, drink even MORE water.

3. Wear light, loose fitting clothing.

4. Consider using moisturizer, eye drops, and saline nasal spray to prevent your skin, eyes, and nasal passages from drying out.

5. Wait until the sun has set and temperatures cool down to head to EDC. Traffic will undoubtedly be heavier as the night progresses but if you’re sensitive to heat, it’s worth the wait.

6. Take a break to cool off in some of the air conditioned areas throughout the venue.

7. In line with Insomniac’s #WeAreWideAwake initiative launched yesterday, keep a watchful eye on those around you. Some people won’t plan appropriately and the heat will take its toll. If you see someone struggling for whatever reason, don’t be afraid to seek help from staff. Insomniac has a full on-site medical facility at the Speedway where free treatment is provided for common health issues without fear of judgement or punishment.

Following some of these steps can ensure we all have a fun, memorable, and enjoyable weekend at EDC — and are able to return for many years to come.

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