Hakkasan reveals most expensive bottle service in the world for New Year’s Eve

Partying in Vegas for New Year’s Eve and wanting to really pull out all the stops? Hakkasan at MGM Grand can happily help you with that.

Calvin Harris will ring in 2015 in the megaclub’s DJ booth, and this year you’ll have the option to purchase a lavish bottle service package priced at a cool $500,000.

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Claiming it to be the most expensive bottle service in the world, Yahoo Travel says the “Dynastie Package” includes:

  • A staff of 40 to serve your group
  • Guest’s name flashing on the Hakkasan LED screen during a confetti drop
  • A 30-liter bottle of Midas by Armand de Brignac champagne (equivalent to 40 standard-sized champagne bottles)
  • A custom-made championship belt
  • A gold disc signed by Calvin Harris
  • Diamond Hakkasan cuff links and a diamond necklace

Las Vegas is no stranger to extravagance. The rooftop nightclub and beach club at Drai’s, atop the Cromwell Hotel, offers a 120-second fireworks display for $100,000 and a “737 package” which includes a trip on a Boeing 737 for a mere $737,000.

If a half-million-dollar table package is a bit out of your price range, standard tickets are currently priced at $175 for females and $325 for males exclusive of fees.


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